These Days

Er, um, a Happy New Year! Last year was just fantastic. Having spent a lot of time with my wife and little baby, I’ve had quite a lot of new things to think, learn and realize. It is quite inspiring to watch a baby grow!

While there have been happy times, I had one sad moment. My grandma passed away in December at the age of 90, just before her 91st birthday. If there is any solace to be taken, it is that I could make it to take our boy to see her in her last moments. When I introduced her first and so far only great-grandson to her, even though she was only barely conscious, she forced her voice and cried out as if she was responding. A fantastic coincidence is that they share a birthday. I will tell this story at every opportunity to my son so our grandma lives forever in our hearts.

As for work, last year was the year I coded in Ruby the most out of five years at my current company. These days I use Rails3 most of the time and I feel good about it. As I come to use Ruby for work, my current interests are shifting toward enriching programming experience by enhancing user libraries rather than tweaking the core language and builtin libraries. It is simply fun allowing myself just to be a user concentrating on productivity and specific problems he faces everyday.

This could be a reaction to my bitter experience working hard for everybody just to be criticised by nobody, but next time I get in the ring I believe I can do a better job than the last time based on these experiences.

Life is fun. You can do whatever to make yours more colorful and enjoyable.  Now I’m getting excited as to what I would see this year!  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in me through my activities.